2011 San Diego Comic-Con Highlights- Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Since this was my first Comic-Con, I wanted to stuff my itinerary with as much as possible. Some days I was successful, some days I failed miserably. There is just too much to see, too little time to see it in, and so many people to deal with. Out of the four days I attended, I’ll have to say that Thursday and Saturday were the most successful days I had in being able to accomplish what I had set out to do.


My friends and I got into line so that we could get into Ballroom 20 early. Everything we wanted to see was in there, so we set out to spend the entire day there. Unfortunately, we missed the first two panels, Covert Affairs and Burn Notice, but made it just in time for Psych.

Covert Affairs Comic Con Round Table

The entire cast was there, and they showed the new season 6 trailer. The audience sang the theme song, received vouchers for a free t-shirt, and laughed at the casts’ answers to the fan questions. As usual, James Roday and Dule Hill were in top form, and the crowed ate it up. Below is a video of the Psych panel. Click here to see parts 2-6.

Who We’ll See in Season 6:

  • Danny Glover, Malcolm McDowell, Joey McIntyre, Christy Swanson, Corey Feldmen, Tom Lenk, Kurt Fuller, Michael Trucco, Wade Boggs, Anthony Anderson, Jason Priestly, Jennifer Finnigan, tony hale, Cary Elwes, Jaleel White, Keenan Thompson, and William Shatner
Go to Screen Rant to see a full transcript of the ‘Psych’ panel.


Click here to see more of my photos from the Psych panel.

‘The RInger’

The next panel to take place after ‘Psych’ was for the much anticipated new show of the 2011-2012 television season- ‘The Ringer’. ‘The Ringer’ marks Sarah Michelle Geller’s return to television after an 8 year hiatus. Joining her on her new show are Nestor Carbonell (‘Lost’), Ioan Gruffudd (“Fantastic 4”), and Kristoffer Polaha (‘Life Unexpected’). 

At the start, they showed a new trailer that made you want to see more. During the Q&A, the cast was pretty cagey about giving up any deets, but many fans got to ask SMG about ‘Buffy.’ One fan had asked Sarah if her new characters were anything like Buffy. Gellar responds, I think as an actor you go in and just want to make the characters believable. You approach all the characters in your own way.” Overall, It was one of the best panels I saw the entire weekend! Plus, fans all got a nice lawn stool as a parting gift! Very handy indeed if you’re small enough to sit on it. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s sexy new ‘Ringer’ ad — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Source: CW Television 

Click here to see my photos from ‘Ringer’ panel.

‘Game of Thrones’

The third panel I sat through that day was for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ I felt that this was the best panel of the day, if not the weekend. But I’m, a major fan of the books, so I might be biased. Author, George R.R. Martin was the moderator for the panel, and a large number of the cast was in attendance.

The one person I was most psyched to see was Lena Headey (‘Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles’) gave her opinion about being one of the most hated characters in the series.

 “It’s fun to play a character who isn’t horribly good. But people come up to you and say, ‘I hate you.’ I think she’s misunderstood.” 

The cast was very fun to watch, and gave great answers to fan questions. Martin let the fans know that when the show ends, it will most likely be bittersweet. Those of us who have read the books probably never expected otherwise. As usual, HBO had a really nice swag bag. Fans received an HBO bag filled with the first novel in the Fire and Ice Saga: Game of Thrones, a GOT mousepad, and a House Baratheon t-shirt. Look below to watch the ‘GOT’ panel (1/5), and click here to see 2-5. 

Source: Magic in the Numbers

Click here to see more of my ‘Game of Thrones’ photos.

‘Showtime Presents…’
The last panel of the day was from Showtime. The premium cable network had Q&As for ‘Shameless’, ‘Dexter’, and a new series, ‘Homeland’.


The first panel that Showtime had was for ‘Shameless.’ Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, and William H. Macy were there to support their show. Emmy spoke about where Fiona will be in season 2, while Justin claimed cluelessness. His character, Steve, had left for Costa Rica in the season 1 finale, and will not make an appearance in the first episode of season 2. Or, at least he claims. William H. Macy was a riot answering the questions in character as Frank Gallagher. No new footage was shown, but Macy’s answers made the panel fun.

Source: CW Network


Synopsis (IMDB)
Centers on Marine Sergeant Scott Brody, who returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Anderson, a driven CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America.

The new series stars Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin. In a surprise, Morena Baccarin (‘Firefly’, ‘V’) appeared. She will play the wife of Damian Lewis’ character, Sgt. Scott Brody. Look below for a clip from the pilot that will air soon on Showtime.

Source: Showtime


The ‘Dexter’ panel was the last one of the day in Ballroom 20, and wasn’t as exciting as I expected. ‘Dexter’ is one of my favorite tv shows, but the panel was a huge disappointment. Not because of the cast, though.

We learned that Colin Hanks, Edward James Olmos, and Mos Def will be guesting this upcoming season, and got to see the brand new trailer. Aside from that, the panel was a bust. Fans kept asking mostly Michael C. Hall all the questions, and asked stupid questions that can be answered by watching the damn show! Such gems as:
Is Trinity really dead?”, “Did Rita really die?”, and more importantly, “Do you think you are teaching people how to really kill people?”

The highlight of these dumb ass questions was the dumbfounded, and annoyed look on Michael C. Hall’s face as he answered them. The best moment, aside from the new trailer was when a fan finally asked C.S. Lee a question about Masuka, but accidentally called him C.S. Lewis. Bahaha…..I think just about everyone on the panel was asked a question, except maybe James Remar (Harry Morgan). I’ll admit that every time someone walked to the mike that I was hoping they’d ask him if Pappa Salvatore was coming back to ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ but no, they didn’t. #FAIL If it’s one thing I hate, besides dumb-ass questions, it’s when fans only focus on one cast member of an ensemble show.

Entertainment Weekly: Dexter at Comic-Con

Source: Showtime 

Click here to see more photos from the ‘Dexter’ panel.

Thursday was a very full day, with lots of sitting involved, and mostly great panels. I unfortunately didn’t make it to any panels on Friday due to crazy lines, but fared way better on Saturday. Dinos, vamps, and witches, oh my!


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