Apple Comes Out With Guns Blazing

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July 3, 2011

Summertime brings fireworks, warm weather, and the latest releases from tech powerhouse Apple, Inc. On June 6, 2011, Apple gave it’s annual keynote address at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. The event dew over 5,200 attendees, 1,000 of which were Apple engineers. Steve Jobs unveiled OSx Lion, iOS5, and iCloud.

View 2011 Apple Keynote Address

OSx Lion
OSxLion will change the way people will use their computer, and will do it at the low price of just $29.99.  Some of the new features: Gestures, Full-Screen Apps, and Mission Control.

  • Gestures is a way to work your computer by using the trackpad. You can scroll, switch between documents, and zoom into documents.
  • Full-Screen Apps allow you to become full immersed into which ever app you are currently using. Users will be able to change from full-screen to birds-eye view.
  • Mission Control provides a birds-eye view of everything on your computer all at the same time. Mission Control combines Dashboard, Spaces, and Expose into one feature.

Watch OSxLion Video


iOS5 will be the largest update Apple has developed yet, with over 200 new features for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Some of the new features:

  • Reminders
  • Newsstand
  • Twitter integration

The 2 things I’m looking forward to the most are the new camera upgrades, and the notification center.
With the new camera upgrade, you will now be able to access your camera right from the lock screen, and take pictures with the volume up button. No longer do you have to unlock your phone, open the camera app, and wait for it to load while missing an important event. The great thing about this feature (one of them at least) is that if you have a passcode on your phone, anyone can still use your camera, without being able to access the other features of your phone.

The other thing I’m most excited about is the Notification Center.  This is a place where you can access all of your notifications from all of your apps in one place. What I like the most about the new notification update, is that now when you are in an app, the notifications appear at the top of your screen so you you aren’t disturbed. I hate when I’m on the phone, and need to use the phone features, but a Twitter notification is blocking my key pad. When you are ready to view your notifications, just swipe your finger down the screen, and you’ll have access.

Watch iOS5 Video


iCloud will wirelessly push all of your content onto all of your devices. No longer will you have to sync your iPhone to your computer just so you can transfer items (photos, music, books, etc.) to your iPod, or iPad. Now, when you purchase something on one of your devices, iCloud will automatically transfer content to all devices so that all devices are in sync.

To learn more about these three new products from Apple Inc., and about their features, go to Applefor more information.


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