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Tonight’s episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ takes the day after last week’s episode. The new school year has finally started, and everyone is looking forward to a new beginning. Hopefully one with a little less bloodshed, and danger. If “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is any indication, they were way too hopeful. Let’s get started, shall we?

“I think you can do anything.”

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Elena and Alaric wake up at 5AM the first day of school. No, they aren’t slowpokes, but Elena has enlisted Alaric’s help in learning to defend herself. Ric concludes that she’s too weak to take on vamps, and needs to begin weight training. I concur, but I applaud her effort. After being victimized by the love of her life, it’s great to see her taking charge.


  • “I think you got out of bed this morning, and that makes you the strongest person I know.” – Alaric
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The House Guest: Part 2

While Alaric and Elena train, Damon is appalled by how sloppy Stefan is. Not only does he have dead (?) girls on the steps, but he’s playing with his food. Mostly, by watching them playing Twister. Before he can lay into his little bro about his poor eating habits, an abandoned Rebekah moves in. Seems when Klaus left town, he left her as well. With nowhere to go, Barbie Klaus moves in. Damon and Stefan are not pleased! I’ll bet she’ll make Damon wish Katherine was back in the guest room.

“What if I told you there was a way for me to come back?”

Poor, Matt! Him and Vicki would be endearing, but I still don’t trust her. Might be because I never liked Vicki (love Kayla), or maybe I’m piking up a vibe, but something is off. Matt’s desire to connect to someone is heartbreaking!

“Is that the bell?”

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Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline head to school, and compete in  a “Who’s Life is Worse?” competition. Elena, of course, wins. A break-up, and being attacked by your lover trumps being tortured by your own parent. *sarcasm*

At school, Elena decides to take a break from her problems by calling Damon for an update. Rebekah has moved in, and Stefan is molding his hair. Elena actually figures out he’s covering. *feigned shock* After Damon hangs up on her, she joins Caroline who is putting up flyers for the annual bonfire. The girls discuss how great the year will be, when a blood drunk Tyler plants one on Caroline. Elena is appalled by the blood on Ty’s clothes, while Care is appalled by the blood in his mouth. Must be a vamp kissing taboo. Long story short, Ty is on Team Klaus, and both ladies are freaked.


  • “I’m his first successful hybrid. Don’t you think that’s the tiniest bit awesome?” -Tyler
  • “You know Stefan. Journaling, reading, shaping his hair….” -Damon

No, Ty, I don’t.

“Who are you, exactly?”

Courtesy of Bad Habits Die Hard

Stefan is back at school, and giving Elena a hard time. Since Rebekah was put in charge of Tyler, she also has enrolled at Mystic Falls High. This great new year is seeming suckier by the minute. In all the commotion, it seems that no one informed Alaric that there are now two originals on the loose. Luckily for him, history is her favorite subject.

While most of the gang is in Mr. Saltzman’s class, Matt is in the stoner den talking to Vicki. She’s telling him how he can help her come into our existence. Jeremy sees them, but acts like he can’t see Vic. He’s become really good at this cloak and dagger stuff. While Matt gets the 411 from Vicki, Jer spills the beans to Anna. Apparently, Vicki has a witch helping her, and Anna warns that she must have made a deal, b/c that kind of magic comes with a price. I KNEW IT!! Would Vicki sacrifice Matt for another chance at life?

“Damn, girl’s got moves!”

Courtesy of Baby in Trench Coat

Since Dana is “missing”, there is an opening on the cheerleading team. One, that Rebekah is all to happy to fill.  Seems she’s about to go all Single White Female on Caroline. Vampire Barbie just can’t catch a break! While the girls show their team spirit, Tyler is back at football practice.

Tyler runs drills, and does his best to hide his abilities, but being extra powerful makes the exercises boring. He compels the coach to dismiss them so they can get ready for the bonfire. Caroline sees, and is not pleased about him blatantly abusing his powers. While they bicker, Rebekah shows off her tumbling skills. Ty is impressed. Looks like her bid for Care’s man might not be so farfetched after all. *sighs* As the newest episode of Days of our Lives unfolds, Elena is embroiled in her own rendition of the Young & the Restless.

Who are you?”

Courtesy of Baby in Trench Coat

Elena continues her vampire slayer training by running track to get in shape. Unfortunately, Stefan is still dogging her every move. After she accidentally runs into a fellow student, Stefan starts to attack the poor victim dude. Elena is not a fan of the new Stefan, and incredulously asks, “Who are you?” “I’m the one assigned to protect the human blood bag. What?,” Stefan replies. OUCH! It’s bad enough when you break up with someone. Worse still when they tell you you mean absolutely nothing to them. And mean it. But to be reduced to your basic components, and not seen as a person? There are no words!

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Elena.”

Courtesy of Shoot For the Stars

Showing us how serious she is in becoming the next potential Slayer, Elena continues her training. Taking Alaric’s advice, she begins to lift weights to bulk up. Seeing how little she’s lifting, and how hard a time she has doing it, Damon tries to prove the futility of her actions by adding his weight. When Elena fails to handle the added weight, she gets upset at the guys’ lack of faith in her. Damon does have faith in her, he just wants her to realize that compulsion isn’t Stefan’s only issue. His blood lust is the biggest problem. Still believing Stefan is a menace, Elena asks for Damon’s help in locking the ripper up. This scene here was just too hot, but I’m worried. Will Damon teaching Elena the best way to kill a vampire come back to bite him on the ass? This being ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ it’s very likely!

The gang meet in Alaric’s classroom to create a plan of action. I love how Elena is taking charge, and despite missing my favorite bromance, find the Dalaric bickering to be too cute for words. You just know that the boys miss each other, but they’re too proud to admit it. Worse, neither wants to be the one to give in, and call a truce. If Damon would just apologize, I’m sure they could go back to being bffs. Unfortunately, he truly has no clue that he was wrong. There is something childlike about Damon that is either endearing, or disturbing. The big reveal of this scene was finding out that Ty is acting like he drank the Kool-Aid, because he’s been Sired. This aspect has been lacking from ‘TVD’, and I’m glad they are bringing that concept into the show.


  • “I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Elena. Nobody’s going to hurt you. Not even my brother.” -Damon

“Ease up there. We both know you’re a lightweight.”

Courtesy of Insolent Gilbert

Elena puts her plan into affect at the bonfire. First step, kicking back with some beer. Stefan is amused that Elena is drinking, but also doesn’t approve. Is this a hopeful sign? He spends the night watching her, watching her friends. While they are reenacting Rockwell’s only hit, Damon is following Elena’s instructions.

Elena asked Damon to use his charm to distract Rebekah so she can lead Stefan into their trap. Rebekah is trying to enjoy the festivities, but finding fitting in hard. Don’t get it. She can work a Blackberry, but can’t make s’mores? The two flirt, and Damon is pulling out all the stops, or so he thinks. Can I just say that I like Damon & Rebekah together. New ship? Too bad Rebakah figured out Damon’s ruse, and ran him through with a tree branch.

While Rebekah and Damon make eyes at one another, Elena looks on from afar. She looks jealous, something Stefan is quick to note.  Acting annoyed, Elena storms off. When Stef finds her, she’s stargazing in the football stands. Under orders to protect her, Stefan decides he needs to take his inebriated ex home, but Elena’s got other ideas. Playing like she’s about to fall, she actually does, and Stefan catches her. They share a brief moment that leave you wondering just how far gone Stefan really is, until Alaric puts 3 darts in his back. After loading him in the truck to take him to the Forbes’ jailhouse, Vicki sets Ric’s truck on fire. A trapped Elena wakes Stefan up enough to get him to bust open the door. Alaric, and her get him out just before the truck explodes.


  • Stefan: “Ease up there. We both know you’re a lightweight.”

Elena: “Like I need a blood addict telling me how to drink.”

  • “There was never a fair fight between us, Damon. Remember that.” -Rebekah
  • “Oh, my brother’s got his flirt on…and you’re jealous.” -Stefan

“Matt’s trying to resurrect his dead sister.”

Courtesy of FYeah Monnie

Vicki convinces Matt to perform the mystery spell so she can enter our world. After he’s successful, she tells him her side of the deal. Kill Elena. Doh! When Matt tries to stop her, she knocks him out. I knew she couldn’t be trusted!

Jeremy tells Bonnie what’s been going on, and she’s none too happy that he’s spent the whole day with his ex. Even if she is dead. Instead of dealing with her relationship, Bonnie wisely decides to stop Matt instead. When she finds him, she tells him that Vicki’s still around because of him, and she can’t exorcise her until he lets go. Finally getting some closure, Matt realizes it’s time to move on, and they’re able to send Vic back where she came from.


  • Vicki: “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to be alone.”

Matt: “Me, either. Good-bye, Vic.”

“Do you know how pathetic that makes you sound?”

Courtesy of Just Holy Fool

While Damon cleans Elena up after she was nearly barbecued, Elena reveals her jealousy, while Damon assures her he was faking. Per usual, their moment is ruined by Stefan Alaric. Damon tries to apologize to Ric for the loss of his car, but is rebuffed. Guess he was apologizing for the wrong thing. Ever the peace maker, Elena tries to mend Dalaric, but Alaric isn’t biting ;(

Stefan also makes a surprising apology. He realizes that Elena didn’t have to save him after all the garbage he’s put her through, but appreciates it. After she tells him that she still believes he can be saved, he calls her pathetic, leading her to stake him in the gut. I guess the 5lbs she lifted earlier really did help.

Caroline brought Tyler home, and lets him know that he acting like a douche. The kind of guy she’d never be friends with. Now that he’s a vamp, he needs to watch his reactions, b/c his personality is heightened. Since he is horny doesn’t want to lose her, Ty agrees to simmer down. They get it on, and things seem to be mended. Until Rebekah shows up after Caroline leaves with a post-coital snack for Tyler. He tries to resist the comely vamp, but gives in to temptation. RIP Extra Happy Meal!

Courtesy of Wicked Screen Caps

While many relationships seem to be mended, or close to it, Jeremy and Bonnie’s seem to be falling apart. Wanting to know what happened with the exorcism, b/c Jer has seen movies, and those things never go well, Jer is blowing up Bon’s phone. No answer. Answers are what Anna wants too. “Why are you think of me, when you’re calling her?” Oh, lawd, JerBear is having an affair. With a ghost. Who…he can feel?

“You’re not so scary for a vampire vampire hunter.”

Katherine tries to wake Mikael in the hopes he’ll kill Klaus. He’s been out of it for a while, so he’s hard to wake. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious how Kat dangles a rat over his face, prodding him to eat? Even more so when he doesn’t. Too bad Kat’s survival instincts failed her for the first time around this apparent bad-ass. RIP (?) Katherine Pierce, you’ll be sorely missed! (June 22, 1474 – October 20, 2011)

“This is going to be fun.”

Back home to clean the house from Stefan’s party earlier that day, Damon is visited by someone I’m sure he wishes would stay dearly departed – Mason Lockwood. His spirit anyway. Knowing how OCD Damon is, Mason begins F*ckin’ with him while he’s cleaning, by breaking more stuff. I love how Damon tries to pick up the broken vases while yelling at Stefan. When Damon doesn’t get the hint, Mason throws him around the room. Payback’s a bitch!

Comments, Clues, Wonderings…

  •  Love how this episode mirrors the “Pilot”, but kind of inverted.
  • Damon witnessing Stefan’s game of “Twister” is another nod to “The House Guest.” Very fitting since they get a new one in the form of Rebekah.
  • Damon hanging up on Elena is similar to how he hung up on her in ‘The Birthday.”
  • Stefan’s “You’re in my seat,” reminds me of “Clueless” when Cher’s dad kicks Brittany Murphy out his favorite chair. I guess that “Clueless” convo with my bb @entertainocd is still in my head.
  • Alaric’s “Who are you, exactly” to Rebekah is similar to Damon’s “Who the hell are you?” from earlier in the ep. Just another sign they are written in the stars. *sighs*
  • Elena also asks Stefan, “Who are you?” There seems to be a running theme of people not knowing themselves, or finding themselves in this episode. Agreed?
  • Is Vicki gone for good?
  • Can Tyler be trusted?
  • I love “drunk” Elena, and Ripper Stefan! Maybe these two crazy kids can make a go of it after all.
  • Elena really was jealous, and Stefan knows it. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.
  • If Katherine isn’t dead, is she just desiccated? What will Mikael do with her remains? Will the Scoobies bring her back?
  • Since we now know that Mikeal eats vamps, Anna’s warning that he’ll kill them all makes more sense. This is about to get either really funny, or really sad.

Next week’s episode is titled “Ghost World,” and from the way things ended, I’m sure you can figure out why. Now that Matt’s storyline with Vicki is over (?), what is the significance of these other spirits? How are they tied to the main Kill Klaus story? Check out the promo below!

Source: Television Promos


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