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No longer posting my recaps over at Portrait TV, but am continuing to do them since I was asked to. Thanks for your support Tash! We tune in this week to ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and discover the origins of the Original Vampires (OV).
This is the second to last episode before the dreaded mid-season hiatus ;( “Ordinary People” is just that. A tale about how ordinary people became extraordinary, and how it destroyed them. Let’s delve in!

“Just ignore him. That’s what I do.”

Alaric, and Elena are down in the Lockwood caves to discuss the primitive drawings on the walls that Mason showed Damon last week. Damon pops up to give the girl a good scare in his hilarious, and childish fashion. Despite the Dalaric bromance seeming to be back on last week, it seems to still be somewhat strained. So glad Ric isn’t a pushover! We discover that the OV’s names are written on the walls. Including Mikael the Vampire Hunter (MTVH). Say what? Yes, Mikael is Papa Original! Saw that, but was hoping my 2nd theory was correct. This just seemed too obvious. SMH! (Click here to hear my 2nd theory.) Elena decides to go straight to the source (Rebekah) for the full story. Why was Elena wearing those boots to go cave diving?

The gang reconvenes in Alaric’s apartment, and divvies up duties. Alaric will continue to decode the wall. Damon will be on Stefan duty. Elena will buddy up to Rebekah to get the True Original Story: The Vikings. Can I just say how much I loved that Elena and Damon were still training? Continuity rocks! What rocks more? Damon playfully biting her neck when she “died”. He’s such a ham!


  • “The Lockwood Diaries: Pictionary Style” – Damon
“It’s just a bit of blood. Be a man about it.”
Courtesy of Fudgeroo

In flashback, we see a mortal Rebekah and Klaus carving their names on the cave wall. Klaus is so different as a mortal, I almost can’t recognize him! Both children are afraid of their father. Mikael is proud, and hard. Basically, he’s a bully to his entire family, who picks on Klaus for any reason. The abuse he inflicts on his family makes the revelation at the end of the episode quite believable to me.

Rebeakah isn’t interested in discussing her family with Elena at first, but her loneliness gets the best of her. Klaus has abandoned her. Stefan is on lockdown. Damon is playing Indiana Jones with Alaric. Here she is in a strange house all by her lonesome, and missing her family. This loneliness is what gets the best of her, and makes her divulge her families secrets to a total stranger, and rival for Stefan’s affections.

The girls snoop through Stefan’s things, while Rebekah spins her tale. Mikael and Esther lost their first children to the plague. A witch, Ionia(?), told them of a land where people didn’t get sick, and had super senses. M/E came to this place, and befriended these super people (Werewolves). The folks lived peaceably, until Rebekah’s little brother, Heinrich, was attacked by the wolves while they transitioned during a full moon, and died. Prideful, Mikael sought vengeance, and power.

When Ionia wouldn’t perform the spell to change his family into superior beings, Esther did. She was the Original Witch (OW), who had cursed Klaus. Oh, snap! Because a witch can’t be a vampire, she changed her family, while she remained mortal. Consumed with blood lust, the family was shunned, and divided. Esther was murdered. Rebekah believed it was by her father, but Elena figured out from the cave drawings that Klaus was their mother’s killer. Seems Klaus couldn’t understand why his mother would shun him to please her husband. It wasn’t his fault he was illegitimate. Now, we know why Mikael is out for his blood, and why there were only 5 coffins in Klaus’ truck.

*9 Original Family members – Esther (RIP) – Heinrich (RIP) = 7 members – Mikael = 6 members – Klaus = 5 members. I seriously doubt Klaus got rid of Bex’s coffin. Plus, why would he have one for himself?


  • “Stefan? I’m off him until he starts treating me better. You really should take a page from my book.” – Rebekah
  • “Make sure she doesn’t power you into a wheelchair.” -Damon
  • “She’s 1,000 year old vampire who’s joined the cheerleading squad.” – Elena
  • “You do not threaten me. You’ll learn, what I want you to learn.” -Rebekah
  • “You really are no fun!” -Rebekah
  • “A witch is nature’s servant. A vampire is an abomination of nature. -Rebekah
  • “He’s my brother, and I’m immortal. Should I spend eternity alone?” -Rebekah
  • Ohh, Rebekah doesn’t have the real story.” -Elena
  • “The Hybrid killed the Original Witch. Klaus, not Mikael.” -Elena
We should all listen to Elena.”
Courtesy of Premenons-nous

Damon visits Stefan in the Forbes’ dungeon. Stefan is his usual blood-deprived, charming self, and I love it! He tries to talk to Stefan, but realizes that his brother has given up. Feeling there’s no point keeping him locked up if he’s not going to try, and save himself, Damon frees Stefan. And takes him bar-hopping.

The boys hit up a bar (somewhere), and get wasted. Damon on whiskey, and Stefan on the bartender. Damon basically tells Stefan, that he doesn’t care what his diet is, just as long as he comes back, and stops being Klaus’ bitch. Shades of the Winchesters!  All is well in good with Boys Night Out, until Mikael crashes the party.

Mikael has tracked them down, and wants Klaus’ whereabouts so he can kill him. Unfortunately, Stefan is under compulsion, and can’t disclose any deets. The loophole? Mikael sticks his hand in Damon’s chest, and nearly rips his heart out until Stefan agrees to lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls. The boys head home, and Damon points out that his near death reached Stef, and brought out his humanity. Stefan points out that Damon caring so much about Stefan’s rehabilitation shows his. Damon proceeds to pummel Stef for even suggesting such a thing. Have I said how much I love the Salvatore Boys acting like true vampire brothers? No? OK, well, now I have!


  • “We should all listen to Elena, shouldn’t we? I mean, her plans always work out, don’t they?” -Stefan
  • “I happen to like the edge. You just happen to fall over it.” -Damon
  • “I thought you could use a hug.” -Damon
  • “You can sit around, and be his bitch, or you can man up!” -Damon
  • “The Salvatore boys, I presume?” -Mikael
  • “Get Klaus back to Mystic Falls, and I will drive a stake through his heart. Fail, and i’ll gladly drive it through yours.” -Mikael
The Bond of Family
Courtesy of Premenon-nous

After a long day of uncovering 1,000 year old mysteries, Elena was dead tired. Too bad Damon was once again in her bed! (Her thoughts, not mine.) The two talked about their days, and Damon braced for Elena’s anger over him freeing Stefan. She wasn’t. She was exhausted, and sees Rebekah in a more Elena kind of light. Both have lost their mothers young, and love completely, totally, and recklessly. After (unsuccessfully) trying to get Damon out of her bed, Elena relents to him staying, turns out the lights, and falls asleep while Damon watches. All together now, “Aww…”


  • “When all is said and done, there is nothing more important than the bond of family.” -Elena
  • “I think you will be the one who saves him. It won’t be his love for me, but because he loves you.” -Elena


  • Now that Rebekah has learned the truth of her mother’s death, will she really be on Team Salvatore?
  • “Here’s the necklace that wouldn’t die.” -Bonnie
  • Since the necklace can’t be destroyed, can the OW return? I hope so, Esther seemed quite bad-ass!
  • Will Stefan eventually learn to control himself on Human Blood?
  • Who are the other three Originals, and when will we meet them?
  • Was Rebekah’s story about turing foreshadowing for Elena becoming a vamp by season’s end?
  • When Elena talked about loving recklessly, she looked at Damon. Could she have been speaking about him, and not Stefan? She seemed to have more control over her feelings for Stef in season 1. Damon, not so much nowadays.
  • The Salvatore brother’s are the true love story of ‘TVD’ IMHO. I loved seeing their bonding scene, and hope we get more this season.

As I said earlier, next week will be the last episode to air in 2011. “Homecoming” brings the return of Klaus. ‘TVD’ will have its first Homecoming dance. Mayhem, and blood-shed are sure to ensue. Check out the short promo below! 

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