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After three seasons of watching The Vampire Diaries there are some things that have bothered me. Anyone who talks to me about this show probably already knows what they are, but without any answers in sight I feel compelled to put my questions to you. Maybe you know the answers, or at least some good theories.

The things that have bothered me the most originated in season 1. The main loose end is what went on between Emily and Damon? We know they made a deal. If she protected Katherine, he would make sure her lineage survived but we don’t know any particulars.

Problem: When they made the deal he was a human. How was he going to protect her descendants if he only had 60 years to hold up his end of the bargain?

We know that he had drunk Katherine’s blood. Maybe he planned to end his human life to fulfill the deal. We already saw from his actions in season 1 that he was wiling to go to any lengths to reunite with Katherine. Suicide probably wasn’t a farfetched idea. Since the witches seem to have it out for him, I, for one, believe Damon has only told part of the story.

In season 1 Damon went to Gram’s house, and she told him that he wasn’t their friend. “Spirits talk, Mr. Salvatore,” she said. We learned in season 2 that those spirits lived in the Haunted Mansion. Why were they talking about him? What did he do? One of the ghosts in the house is Emily, and she seems very disgruntled with Damon. It could be because he attacked Bonnie, but I believe there is more to it. From what we know thus far Damon had kept his end of the bargain, and protected the Bennett’s for nearly 200 years. I just hope that now we are learning more of Bonnie’s back story that we will finally discover why the witches are so angry with Damon.

Damon’s connection to the witches isn’t the only question that has yet to be answered. Katherine is a mysterious woman, but more often than not she is motivated by self-preservation. This is why I’m confused by some of her actions. Not just that she tipped Stefan off, and prevented Klaus from being killed. My confusion with her goes back to season 1.

Thus far, we know that Katherine had come to Mystic Falls (for some reason), made a bunch of vampires, shagged two brothers, and betrayed everyone to save her own ass. Fine. I get it. What I don’t get is why she was there in the first place?

This season we discovered that the Originals were from Mystic Falls like 1,000 years ago. We also learned that Mikael, their father, was entombed nearby 15 years ago. By the time Katherine arrived in MF, she had run from Klaus for 400 years. Did she know that he had lived in Mystic Falls 600 years earlier? Was she searching for something there? Part of me believes she turned all of those vampires to create an army to use against Klaus, but what was she planning to do with the Salvatores?

From the flashbacks, it seems like she started fooling around with Damon for kicks & giggles, but then she fell in love with Stefan. Many of her actions show that she still loves Stefan (as much as she can love anyone). She has chosen to save him, and has put herself in danger just to help him out. We even saw in flashback that after Stefan was killed, she kissed him good-bye before leaving town. Even though she was cheating on him with his older brother, she has always maintained that it was Stefan she truly loved. Then Katherine confessed to Stefan that she also loved Damon. This could also be true.

Damon accepted her for who she was, and wasn’t scared of her. Katherine groomed him for life as a vampire. How to hunt, and live undetected. She also allowed him to drink her blood. I’ve had the feeling that she had planned to use them for some purpose, but let her feelings get in the way. This may be why she left them when she fled town. Her leaving could have been a way for her to let them live out their lives as mortals, not knowing they would be murdered by their own father.

The thing about Katherine is we know she makes plans way in advance. The fact that she is telling Stefan she loves Damon, while having previously told Damon that she never did reeks of manipulation. Whatever her original plan was in 1864, it is possible that Katherine never dropped it, but just shelved it until she was in a better position to carry it out. Not to say she doesn’t love them, but now that they have moved on to her doppelgänger Elena, she may prove to be a woman scorned. I wouldn’t put it past her to sacrifice them to save herself as payback for having moved on. Now that she’s fled town it looks like it will be a while before we find out, if ever.

Food for thought: Many fans have speculated that Klaus and the Original Petrova were romantically involved. Since Klaus was cursed when he was still human, it could be possible that the two of them had children. His affection towards Elena could be familial.
The flip side is that makes his “relationship” with Katherine seem icky. However, in “Klaus”, Katherine told Elijah that Klaus was cold towards her, and spurned her affections. Everyone assumed the two slept together because it’s Katherine we’re talking about, but what if they didn’t? Maybe his “disinterest” in her could have been due to knowing she was his great-great-great-great-granddaughter, or something. Speaking of which. I’ll go ahead now and make my claim that the Original Petrova is locked away in the 4th coffin.

There are more things that I have wondered about on The Vampire Diaries, but these are the two main loose ends that have gnawed at me forever. What do you think? Is there more to the deal Damon made with Emily, and are the parts he’s leaving out the reason the witches are angry with him? Why do you think Katherine was in Mystic Falls? Feel free to comment below!


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