ICYMI: “When Stefan says blink…” – The Vampire Diaries Episode (3×11) Recap

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries
  • Stefan and Bonnie play Hide the Original.
  • Tyler drank the Kool-Aid.
  • Jeremy became Van Helsing.
  • Alaric died (again).
  • Meredith arrived in The Falls.
  • Rebekah woke up, then died 2 seconds later. Klaus cried.
  • Damon kissed Elena.
“I didn’t get any sleep last night.”
Courtesy of Oh Warrior Princess
Open with soap, naked Damon and Elena Warrior Princess montage. Both of them handle “The Kiss” in different ways. Damon by using his array of bath products. Elena by going all Rambo on punching bag.
Damon wasn’t very good at hiding his happiness from a lurking Stefan. Alaric also picked up that Elena was in a mood. It didn’t help she was inquiring about whether Alaric and Damon had talked that morning, and then being shifty about it.
“The Hybrids are really bringing the neighborhood down.”
Courtesy of Insolent Gilbert
While Bonnie attempts to open the mysterious 4th coffin, she feels a presence in the haunted, creepy witch house.  Go figure! Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon take out one of Klaus’ lurking hybrids. After Bonnie heads to school, the boys do a little math. 1 dead brother + Klaus + Rebekah + Elijah = …
At school Elena decorates Caroline’s locker for her birthday, and filling Bon Bon in on Jer’s departure. Bonnie was not pleased to say the least. When she was telling him good-bye, I thought she was about to squeal about his compulsion.
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