New Year Resolution: Read More

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I have no memory of how many books I read last year. Being the avid reader I am, this normally would mean that I had read a lot of books in 2011. This was not the case!

I started 2011 finishing The Girl series by reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest on my flight from Michigan back to SoCal. It was so good, that I started it in Detroit Metro and finished it after I landed in LAX the same night. I remember I had Thirst Vol. 3 by Christopher Pike on my nightstand, but to this day I have yet to read it. My mind is blank when I attempt to recall what I was reading from January to March.

For many people this would not be bizarre, but I have always carried a book with me for as  long as I could remember. I know for a fact that I began George R.R. Martin’s A Saga of Ice and Fire book 1: Game of Thrones in March, and continued to read the series until November 2011. I also know that I snuck in a bit of The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries when a new book came out, and have read all four of those books. Still… that’s only 10 books accounted for. NOT POSSIBLE! I guess I could look through my Kindle, which I bought Memorial Day Weekend. I’m sure some of the mystery will be revealed.

When I do, I realize that is where most of my books have hidden. Apparently, 2011 was filled with a number of books I had forgotten I had read. Such gems like The Woman in Black, The Last Werewolf, Fight Club, The Help, The Vampire Diaries: Shadow Souls and Midnight, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Vampire Academy, and The Mortal Instruments (1-3). 

How could I forget that I had resumed and finished Charlie Houston’s Joe Pitt series which I began two years earlier? Or that I spent New Year’s Eve hanging with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? Still… this only brings me to a tawdry 26 books for the year. As my New Year’s resolution for 2012, I have decided that I will attempt to double that number. Considering that 10 of the 26 books I can recall for 2011 were read in December alone, I believe this to be an achievable feat.

I’ve also spent 2011 writing for other people’s blogs and sites, and neglecting my own, so my second resolution is to blog more. To make things easier on myself, I have decided to combine my two resolutions into one act. Well… technically two. I will read 52, hell let’s make it 60, books this year, and will blog my reviews. I won’t promise that the reviews will be long. In fact, usually they will probably be snippets, but I resolve to be more on the ball with my reading.

To kick of 2012 I have begun reading Pretty Little Liars. This should be interesting since I’m also trying to get more eBooks from the library, and have to waitlist EVERYTHING! (2 weeks have past and I’m still waiting on Vampire Academy #2). Since PLL is only 293 pages, and I’m already 63 Pgs. in check back soon for my review.


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