Barnes & Noble Attempts to Knock-Out Amazon with New eReader

Posted February 22, 2012 by @Angelized_1st in Article, Nook, Technology / 0 Comments

Barnes and Noble has taken another swing at competitor Amazon with the new release of a lower priced Nook Tablet.

This new eReader sells for $199 making it more competitive with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and cheaper than the original Nook Tablet. Also like the Fire, the new Nook has 8 GB. What gives the Nook an added advantage over the Kindle Fire is that like the 16GB Nook Tablet, this model also has expanded memory via a memory card up to 32GB.

Now with the new model, the Nook is in a more competitive place than it was when the Tablet was originally introduced. Making the decision even harder for the consumer. Not only does this new model have an advantage over the Kindle Fire, but it even has an advantage over the 16GB Nook Tablet.

One of the complaints consumers had about the 16GB model was that only 1GB was for your personal content, while the remaining 15GB was strictly reserved for B&N content. Since the device can be expanded up to 32GB this wasn’t a big deal for most consumers. The 8GB model is reversed. 1GB is reserved for B&N purchases, while the remaining GBs can be used for personal content. Now the consumers who may not have been seduced by the Fire, but disappointed in the Nook may be willing to take another look. Especially if they are already a member of the Nook family.


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