ICYMI: “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right” – The Vampire Diaries Episode (3×14) Recap

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*This week’s recap will be a tad different, because I was too enthralled with all the pretty to take good note. Enjoy!


Preciously on The Vampire Diaries…

  • Elena cries over Stefan.
  • Damon wants what he can’t have.
  • Klaus plays musical coffins.

Mystic Falls Slasher

Matt and Elena leave the hospital after visiting Alaric? I don’t know. I was too shocked that Matt had some real screen time to pay attention to the actual conversation. After Elena tries to leave, she hits something. Then this happens…

Courtesy of Stefan’s Penis

It was Elijah. He saves Elena from a vengeful Rebekah, and they the old friends have a gabfest. Elena reveals the details of the convo the next day to The Boys. *If you have to ask who I’m taking about you really shouldn’t be reading this. Click here to read more.


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