Nook Review: Turn About is Fair Play

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This past Christmas season I spent some time playing around with the new Kindle Fire. Since I already have a Kindle with Keyboard, I was interested in making a switch within the same family, and proceeded to check it out.Β I liked the Kindle Fire, and staying in the Kindle family would allow me to move my purchased books from one device to the other.

Kindle Fire: A Must Have For This Holiday Season?


In the interest of doing due diligence in my research, I decided to investigate the new Nook Tablet by Barnes & Noble. I visited the store several times, and at first I liked the way items were stored on the Kindle more. As I went back for a second time, I realized that I was focusing on the wrong thing, and never noticed what was important. The Nook seems to be faster.

Not only does it seem faster, but the way it is similar to an iPhone makes it easier for me to navigate. I also like that the Nook has a home button. This was one thing I didn’t like about the Fire. It took me forever to figure out how to leave a book. The other thing I originally didn’t like about the Nook, the content layout, was a misjudgment. Upon further inspection I discovered that the Nook’s content can be organized neatly. In fact, the Nook offers more options.

Not only can you organize you content the way you’d like on the Nook, but you can also change the wallpaper. This option isn’t available on the Fire. This may seem trivial, but it’s nice to be able to personalize your electronics. Another thing I liked about the Nook, was that if there is a video on a website you can watch it, but on the Fire you can’t. The video just looks like a photo on the web page.

After doing research for several months I finally made a decision. I bought a Nook Tablet. The deciding factor? The Nook comes with 16GB of storage, where the Fire only has 8GB. Plus, the Nook’s storage capacity can be expanded up to 32GB with a memory card. Of course this means that now I won’t be able to read my Kindle books on my new Nook, but luckily I pretty much read all the books I had bought during the holiday season.

Now you’ve heard my opinion, what’s yours? Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet?


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