Book Review: Ready Player One

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So I’ve finally finished Ready Player One, and it’s fantastic!

I was surprised at how long it took me to read this novel, but then I noticed that 2 Nook Book pages = 1 page. So my 394 page novel turned into a 788 page novel. But despite that oddity this book was incredibly hard to put down.

Ready Player One takes place in the near future after the collapse of the world’s economy. To escape the mundane, many have sought solace in a virtual world called the OASIS. When the creator of the OASIS James Halliday dies, he leaves his vast fortune to whoever can unlock the riddles, and solve the puzzles hidden within the OASIS. Wade Watts is the first person to unlock the first mystery, and becomes one of the most famous people in the world. And the most hunted. With billions of dollars at stake many are willing to kill to win.

Ernest Cline’s novel is filled with ’80’s references, and is a treat for those who grew up in that decade. Ready Player One references many cult films like Blade Runner, Japanese anime, sitcoms (Family Ties), cartoons (School House Rock), music, and classic arcade games. Reading this novel is wonderful for those of us addicted to pop culture. Though the novel is primarily about a video game, it is also about so much more.

At its heart is a love story, a political thriller, and a look at our possible future. With technology advancing at light speed it won’t be long before someone creates a civilization like Halliday’s OASIS. In a world with the unemployment rate rising, homelessness increasing, and the economy in dire straits much of society is looking for ways to escape their ordinary lives.

Ready Player One shows us what our lives could be like if the virtual world ever becomes more enticing than our real world. For those of us who already spend a large measure of our time on the internet chatting with friends, playing games, or watching Netflix this possible future seems quite probable.

The next novel I’m going to read is Sire by Thomas Galvin. Here’s the synopsis:

It’s Caitlin’s first night in St. Troy. Her first night at college. Her first night away from home.

There are two great girls in her suite, and two cute guys across the hall.

And two vampires fighting over her.

Now she’s all alone, locked up in an empty room in a monster’s mansion. And there are screams coming from outside the door …

Sire is the first book in the new Vampires of St. Troy series, which blends horror, action and romance into a bloody tale that will have you turning pages until the sun comes up.

I met Thomas via Twitter (@thomascgalvin) since we are both fans of The Vampire Diaries, and he writes one of my favorite recaps of the show. When I found out he was writing his own novel I was excited. Now the novel is out, and Thomas is in the process of writing the sequel. Thomas doesn’t just write about vampires. He also runs his own site where he posts recaps on The Secret Circle, and Teen Wolf. Be sure to check him out

Have any of you read Ready Player One? What did you think of the novel? Did it make you want to dance to Blondie, and bust out Pac-Man? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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2 responses to “Book Review: Ready Player One

  1. I’d never read this book or even heard of it, but now I absolutely want to. As a writer, gamer and film enthusiast, I’ve always been excited about the idea of finding work influenced by and referencing pop culture, particularly since it’s turning out to be the mythology of our steel and concrete age.

    Thanks for the review!

    • You’re welcome! One of my co-workers suggested it to me, and it sounded almost like a modernized re-telling of 1984, so I thought I’d check it out. It was so good! Hope you like it. Let me know what you think after you read it.

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