“Dream Reaper” – Being Human (2×10) Recap

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When we last saw Josh and Aidan they had to subdue Sally after she went all Linda Blair on their behinds. Sally seems to have acquired a new personality that she has been calling the Reaper. The Reaper doesn’t see any gray, but all black and white. Good and evil. For months we’ve watched as Sally worried that something bad would befall her since she missed her door, and now it appears it has. To save Sally the boys will have to be strong, and awaken the strength that lies within her. Even if they are successful chances are Sally will never be the same.

“We’d all like to think that we’re strong. That we’re capable of solving our own problems.”

Josh and Aidan decide to ask Zoe for help since “she’s the only Ghost Wrangler we’ve got,” but decide not to tell her that “Sally just shredded her boyfriend.” It all seemed like a great idea until Reaper Sally decided to lock the three of them in the house together. On the night of a full moon. When Aidan hasn’t fed in over 24 hours. Doh! The three of them try to reach Sally, but the dream version of her life she created is so strong they can’t get through.

In Sally’s dream world she is engaged to Scott (the Reaper), and still lives in the house she haunts. Every dream Sally ever had for her life is true in this alt-reality. What Sally doesn’t realize is that her dream is really a prison.

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