ICYMI: “Lying is What Got Us Here in the First Place” – Being Human (2×12) Recap

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Normally my Being Human recaps are rife with quotes, but last night’s episode wasn’t very quotable. Not to say it didn’t have anything good to say. It did. But what it had to say was quite sad.

Born to Run

Aidan and Suren were still on the run, and last week’s cliffhanger wasn’t what it seemed. If you have been reading my recaps you are aware that I’m not a Henry fan. Last night changed my mind. The son was not there to kill the father, but save him. Henry had just won his place back into the Boston fold, and was willing to give it up for his maker, but Aidan wouldn’t hear of it. All Aidan wants is to know that Henry is blameless, and that Suren is his. Sadly it was not to be.

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