“The Night Lands” – Game of Thrones (2×02) Recap

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Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was a bit slow for my taste, but necessary. It introduced some new important characters, developed characters we know but not well enough, and revealed more players in this game who thirst for power. There also were several uncomfortable sex scenes, and sharp-tongued wit. You know, the usual.

“If they’ve got armor on it’s a battle.”

Arya continued to pretend to be a boy as she travelled with the men of the Night’s Watch. It seemed like she may have been caught when some Gold Cloaks came by, but it was Gendry (the late King Robert Barratheon’s bastard son) whom they were looking for. Gendry hasn’t got a clue why the men are after him, but revealed to Arya many important things. One, is that he is aware she is a girl. Two, her father (Ned Stark) had looked for Gendry before  he died, as did John Arryn. When Gendry discovered that Arya was the late Hand’s daughter he realized the importance of keeping her secret.

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0 responses to ““The Night Lands” – Game of Thrones (2×02) Recap

  1. The kids are all TOO old. Rickon is 6 by what. . . book 4? He’s barely a toedldr in book one. I wonder who they’ll get to play Hodor? I’ve been trying to keep myself away from iMDB for these questions choosing to be surprised. Ah well, I think it’ll still be better than the books.

    • They had to age the kids, because of the content of the show. Having Daenerys sold off in marriage as a 14 year old, and having sex with Khal Drogo wouldn’t work on tv. People get funny about grown men having sex with minors.

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