“No, no, no, no! Did I mention no?” – The Vampire Diaries (3×22) Recap

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • A newly vamped Alaric kicks ass, and doesn’t bother with names.
  • Best game of dodgeball ever!
  • Abby is still the worst.
  • Klaus announces he’s a daddy.
  • Elena has a decision to make.

“Our life is one proverbial coin toss.”

Courtesy of Summer Roberts

The boys continue on their way to find a place to dump Klaus’ body when they learn Jeremy has admitted Elena into the hospital after her fainting spell. While Stefan returns to help keep Elena safe from the Originals, Damon continues on his mission. Alaric tried to claim Elena, and ensure his life isn’t in danger, only to learn she’s flown the coop. Covering all of their bases, Damon gets Bonnie’s help to perform a spell on Klaus that will prevent Alaric from locating him with a witches spell.

“Why should she trust you? All you’ve ever done is screw her over.”

On a mission to save his brother, Elijah returns to Mystic Falls to strike a deal with the gang. He’ll makes sure Rebekah and Klaus leave Elena alone for 2 generations if they help him get his brother away from Alaric. The gang agrees if it’ll mean Elena gets to live a normal life. Of course with this being The Vampire Diaries things don’t go as planned.

Alaric figures out that Jeremy has given him misinformation. Despite being outed to the Council, Tyler and Caroline decide to stay in town to help their friends. Matt works with Jeremy to drug Elena and sneak her out of town. (more)


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