ICYMI: “It Happened That Night” – Pretty Little Liars 3×01) Recap

Posted June 28, 2012 by @Angelized_1st in Entertainment, Pretty Little Liars, Television / 0 Comments

The Pretty Little Liars returned last night for the 3rd season premiere. In “It Happened That Night,” we caught up with the girls as they returned to school. Now that their “A” free summer break has ended, the girls are feeling quite safe. Mona is locked up in the loony bin, and the quartet tries to get their lives back to normal. At least that’s what they want everyone to believe. Including each other.


Emily is still having difficulty getting over Mya’s murder. Mya was her first real relationship after revealing her true self, and now she’s been killed. What’s worse is Mya may have died because of something Emily did. The guilt is consuming her, and though she tries to minimize her pain to her friends and family, they still can see she’s in need of their support. What they can’t see, however, is that Emily has developed a drinking habit. Emily isn’t the only one with a secret. All of the girls have something they’re hiding from one another. (More…)


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