Scandal Rewind: Episode (1×02) “Dirty Little Secrets”

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While the wrap-around story about the Presidential sex scandal continues, Pope & Associates gets a new case. What happens when Washington D.C.’s biggest madame gets arrested?

“Are you suddenly the patron saint of street walkers now?”

Sharon Marquette is about to be brought up on charges for prostitution, so of course she goes to Olivia Pope for help. Sharon runs DC’s biggest whore house, who’s clientele is a Who’s Who in politics. Olivia and her team have to work double time when they discover one of her John’s is President Fitzgerald’s Supreme Court nominee, Patrick Keating. Of course, Olivia and her team are able to figure out the best way to help all of her clients in the best way possible. Even if it means having to talk to Fitz.

Olivia is still reeling from the discovery her man, the President, slept with his intern Amanda Tanner. Being a professional, she puts her feelings aside to once again help him get out of a sticky situation. Fitz already has the Amanda mess to deal with, the last thing his administration needs is another possible scandal.

Speaking of Amanda, newbie Quinn is tasked with playing babysitter. She doesn’t do the best job, and even loses her charge, but does manage to keep a fledgling reporter off Amanda’s scent. For a few hours, anyway.

“I know I don’t get to do what other men do. I wear the crown, I pay the price. But Liv… she’s the love of my life, and she won’t even talk to me.”

Most of the time Olivia and Fitz spend together is combative. Liv is hurt by his “infidelity,” and Fitz is heartbroken over possibly losing Olivia for good. Plus, it didn’t help that Cyrus had Olivia banned from the White House for taking Amanda on as a client. Cyrus is furious that Fitz would throw everything they’ve worked for away, including the Presidency, for a woman. Fitz doesn’t care. The only thing he seems worried about is getting Liv back.

Fitz tries to appeal to Olivia by letting her know that his loneliness over her leaving him is what led him to sleeping with Amanda, but he never loved Amanda. This conversation is romantic, but strange. Here is a man who is married to another woman, explaining to his mistress why he cheated on her. The way these two act around each other makes it seem like they’re the ones truly married. What’s crazier, is the First Lady seems to condone (even encourage) the situation.

What’s great about this show is how every episode answers some of the lingering questions from the previous week, while still setting up new mysteries. I like when a show doesn’t leave the audience waiting for years to get any answers. What I also love is the dynamic between all the characters. Every week you learn more about their history.

What I didn’t love this episode was Abby. The entire episode she nagged Stephen over the fact that he happened to be one of the DC Madame’s clients. I get that she’s crushing on him, but his sex life really isn’t any of her business. It’s always disappointing when the people in our lives don’t live up to our expectations, but she really needs to give it a rest. Overall, I loved the episode, and I saw some of the groundwork that led to the finale.


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