ICYMI: Falling Skies Episode 2×04 Recap – “Young Bloods”

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I have a confession to make. I haven’t really been into Falling Skies since the season 2 premiere. I don’t know why. Maybe the show has fallen into the “Where’s Sophia” slump that inflicted The Walking Dead during their sophomore season. Maybe it’s because I’ve started watching True Blood beforehand, and my brain has become mush from listening to Sookie whine for an hour. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that I kind of feel like I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I do, and it’s just too simple for me to believe it’s actually happening. Anyways… Tonight’s episode was about alien harnessing, and how the snot nosed tiny survivors acted like brats.

Tom’s sons were causing problems per usual. It started with Matt who allowed himself to be used as Skitter bait, and then copped an attitude when his pops told him how stupid he was. Of course, Tom was an ass. At least in Matt’s eyes, since he embarrassed him in front of the others. No kid likes to be humiliated, but especially not in front of people he’s trying to impress. (More…)


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0 responses to “ICYMI: Falling Skies Episode 2×04 Recap – “Young Bloods”

  1. True Blood: I said Shut The Door! Dark Fairies Lame Land!Falling Skies: Battlefield LA , Terminator wannabe. Not impeessrd yet!Walking Dead: Please don’t mess with a great series. We need the money to keep up the quality. Howerver, I am impeessrd with the promo pic.Secret Circle: Looking better than the Fairies!Spartacus: Rocks and it is going rock again!The Event: started ok but it left to vacation. I will look for it in NetFlix. 25.6 for a chance in the SyFy Channel.Firefly: Oh God! Please bring it back!! Pretty Please!!! and don’t forget my favorite Farscape!!American Gods: One word. Excited!Retro: Please!Love the show format so far!!!

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