ICYMI: Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×07) Recap: “Friends don’t let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.”

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Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars  was “Crazy” indeed. The girls tried to get Mona to reveal the identity of the latest member of the A-Team that seems to have set their sights on Hannah. Spencer protected her family ties to Jason, but may be endangering her relationship with Toby. Emily spent her days trying to run interference between Nate and Jenna, while making an unlikely friendship. Hannah did her best to try to get her name off the Rosewood’s Most Wanted list.

Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×08) Promo – “Stolen Kisses”


Emily has been spending a lot of time with Maya’s cousin Nate. Much to her chagrin, Nate has taken a fancy to Jenna. Since Jenna isn’t one of Em’s closest friends, she tried to warn Nate away from her former adversary. Luckily, Jason’s ex-girlfriend Cece was back in town, and helped Emily with her little problem. For someone who hasn’t been in Rosewood for a long time, Jason’s ex really seems a little too interested in buddying it up with the Liars. Namely Emily. Which leads me to wonder what she’s really after. (more…)


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