ICYMI: Falling Skies Episode (2×09) Recap – “The Price of Greatness”

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In the last new episode of Falling Skies Tom was reunited with his college mentor, Arthur Manchester, who is the leader of the Charelston survivors. Pope decides he can survive on his own, and rallies the Berserkers to mobilize. Hal and Maggie try to settle things between them now that Margaret’s skeletons have revealed themselves.

666 Park Avenue’s Terry O’Quinn to Guest Star on TNT’s Falling Skies

Tom is welcomed with open arms by his mentor Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn), but soon begins to have misgivings. First, Annie reveals she was given a medical job that doesn’t use her skills effectively. She wonders if the other survivors are just trying to placate them. Then, Ben gets suspended on his first day of school after getting into a fight with a classmate who called Tom a traitor. Out of all his loved ones, Hal seems to be the one adjusting the best. Hal has joined the Charleston military under Weaver, and is on the fast track to getting his own squad. Things seem to be going well for him until Margaret is arrested. (More…)


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