ICYMI: Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×11) Recap – “Single Fright Female”

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In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liarsthe heat is on. As the plot thickens, the Liars are all dealing with major issues. Aria still is worried about Ezra’s ex, Maggie. A recently injured Hanna is dealing with parental issues. Emily is confused about her kiss with Nate. Spencer has her nose in everyone’s business as usual.

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Aria is still pressing Ezra about his ex, Maggie, when he tells Aria he’s tracked the former flame down. When Aria pays Maggie a visit at work, she finds a sweet, pretty kindergarten teacher. As the women talk a little boy comes up to ask permission to play, and Aria discovers the child is Ezra’s son. When Aria returns to the apartment, she tells Wes everything that happened, and he offers to be the one to tell Ezra about the love child. Neither of them do it. While Ezra changes clothes, the two set up for his sad little birthday party. I guess he doesn’t have any friends in Rosewood. Ezra reveals that he spoke to Maggie on the phone, and both Aria and Wes note that Maggie never told Ezra about their son during their 5 minute phone conversation. In the end, Aria and Wes decided that Wes will ask his mom about Maggie. That way, if Mrs. Fitzgerald is supporting Maggie and her son, she won’t cut them off. (More…)


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