ICYMI: American Horror Story Episode (2×02) – “Tricks and Treats” Review

Posted October 28, 2012 by @Angelized_1st in American Horror Story, Entertainment, Television / 0 Comments

American Horror Story is back with an all new episode. In tonight’s episode, Briarcliff Manor has a visiting doctor who is there to diagnose Kit, but ends up witnessing something even scarier than “Bloody Face.” Lana discovers she’s found a strong opponent in Sister Jude, who has her hands full running Briarcliff Manor. Sister Jude’s hands become even more full when she finds a demonic patient on the doorstep. With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time for “Tricks and Treats.”

American Horror Story: Top 5 Predictions After (2×01) “Welcome to Briarcliff”

Teresa runs from Bloody Face, and into a cell while Leo gets stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick. Back in 1964, Wendy and her friends plot to free Lana from the asylum. Later that night, Wendy takes a shower with the window open. When she’s ready to lock the house down for the night she discovers she’s not alone. “Bloody Face” has decided to pay her a visit. (More…)


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