ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×02) Recap – “Newsflash- we aren’t Japanese.”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries…

  • Elena finally grew some fangs.
  • Damon’s balls returned.
  • Stefan thought he was qualified to give drinking advice to newbie vamps o_O
  • Kyler was Batman, and saved the town… or at least Caroline.
  • Blondie Bex had to fend for herself.
  • Stefan and Elena made cute.
  • Bonnie crossed over into the dark side. 
  • Bonnie &/or Kyler killed Grams ;(
  • Crazy Pastor rounded up Liz & Carol, then blew up the Founder’s Council.

The episode starts with Stefan and Elena canoodling in the woods. Then we flash back to earlier in the day when Damon and Stefan got in an argument over Stefan teaching Elena how to live on the Bunny Diet. Damon’s point was a good one: “She can learn to control the bloodlust, if she can feel the bloodlust.” Elena watches as Stefan takes down Bambi. This seems complicated since she hasn’t even learned how to use her vamp speed yet. In the midst of Stefan’s tutorial, the pair get horny. Unfortunately, poor Stefan will just have blue balls, because Elena ended up puking blood before he could get to the promised land. (More…)


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