ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×02) Review: “Sick”

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The Walking Dead returns with an all-new episode. When we last saw the gang they had begun to take over an abandoned prison, but found out it was filled with Walkers. And also a few surviving prisoners. Hershel got his calf muscle eaten by a zombie playing opossum. Michonne and Andrea were on their own trying to survive, while Andrea battled a cold.

The Walking Dead Episode (3×01) – “Seed” Review

“A group of civilians breaking into a prison, a place you have no place being? Has me thinking there’s no other place to go.”

As the survivors try to get Hershel some medical attention after amputating his leg, they run into some prisoners who survived by hanging out in the cafeteria. The armed men wanted them to leave, so the gang had to find a new place to go. As the women work on Hershel, Daryl holds off the prisoners who want to run Rick & Co. off. Turns out, the prisoners had been in the cafeteria for the past 10 months, and had no clue the zombie apocalypse had begun. Rick schools them on the new world, and then show them the yard. The two groups parley, and Rick agrees that his crew will clean out a cell block for the prisoners if they share half of the food left in the cafeteria. It’s a deal, but I doubt the head prisoner, Tomas, will stick to it. Tomas shows Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog the pantry, and turns out there is tons of food. Unfortunately, the men have been using the freezer as a bathroom, which Rick found out the hard way. (More…)


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