American Horror Story Episode (2×05) – “I Am Anne Frank Pt. 2” Review

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When we last saw our friends at American Horror Storythey had been visited by Anne Frank. Frank recognized Alden from a Nazi concentration camp, and is there at the asylum to get her revenge. Kit and Grace got caught having sex, which caused them to be locked up, and awaiting sterilization. Dr. Thredson offers to set Lana free, and help Kit remain institutionalized instead of receiving the death penalty. Anne held Alden hostage as a deformed Shelly begged for death.

American Horror Story Episode (2×05) Promo – “I Am Anne Frank Pt. 2”

Sister Eunice releases Kit from solitary, but prepares Grace for surgery. While Grace awaits her face, the door to her cell opens. Before long, she is “visited” by aliens.

As promised, Dr. Thredson tells Lana that he’ll be getting her out of the asylum. She just needs to met him by the staircase by 6PM. When he returns to his office, Dr. Thredson discovers Kit inside his office. Kit begs the doctor to help save Grace from sterilization. He brushes that off, but prompts Kit to confess to the “Bloody Face” murders, which he does. (More…)


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