American Horror Story Episode (2×07) – “Dark Cousin” Review

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This week’s episode of American Horror Story touched on the ideas of faith, atonement, and destiny. For weeks we’ve watched a devout Sister Eunice change as she became possessed by a demon. She has harmed innocents in her care, released terror into the world, and done other unspeakable acts. This week she had to deal with the fallout of one of her cousin’s visits to the patients and staff of Briarcliff. Eunice, Jude, Grace, Kit, and Lana all suffered some sort of repercussion. While Sister Eunice snagged control of the institution from Dr. Alden, she had to deal with another powerful entity – the Angel of Death. The angelic visitor had a past with both Lana and Sister Jude, and came when she heard them call to here. But not before announcing her presence in a bloody way.

E Online Interviews American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson About Lana’s Fate

Courtesy of Sectum Sempra 182

Death spoke to a schizophrenic patient, causing him to slice his wrists open, and writing her name on the wall. Once she was in town, so to speak, Death then paid her old friend Lana a visit. It’s unclear how long they’ve known each other, or how, but when Lana called, Death came. After spending days tied up, and raped in Thredson’s dungeon, Lana believed she had enough. Once Death came a’calling, though, Lana had a change of heart which seemed to set a peculiar chain of events in motion. (More…)


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