ICYMI: American Horror Story Episode (2×09) – “The Coat Hanger” Review

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Now that the identity of Bloody Face (past and Present) have been revealed, American Horror Story decided to treat us to the story of how they came to be. In “The Coat Hanger,” we get confirmation that Lana is pregnant. In case all the vomiting last week didn’t clue you in. We also learn that the pregnancy was unwanted, and that “Mr. Morgan’s” existence was due to a botched abortion.

American Horror Story Episode (2×10) Promo – “The Name Game”

In the wrap around story, Bloody Face 2.0 (Dylan McDermott) visits a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnotherapy to get his homicidal tendencies hypnotized away. Not forever mind you, but just long enough for him to attend medical school like his father so he can become better at skinning his victims. I guess this idea didn’t go over well with the doctor since we later see her dead, and slashed to ribbons.

“I find post-hypnotic suggestion to be one of the most powerful tools in the psychiatrist’s arsenal.”

I loved the show’s nod to other genre film/series in this episode. First by having Bloody Face 2.0 call himself “Mr. Morgan,” a la Dexter’s Dexter Morgan. I also loved how the doctor was played by the same actress who played Buffalo Bill’s captive in Silence of the Lambs. (More…)


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0 responses to “ICYMI: American Horror Story Episode (2×09) – “The Coat Hanger” Review

  1. Perhaps improbably, Bloody Face’s origin story wasn’t the only one explored here. We also got a good deal of time with Dr. Arden, learning just why he’s creating his mutant population—he thinks that if he can do so, America will have a natural leg up when the Soviets start nuking us—and why the church seems to tolerate it. We got confirmation all over again that he really was the Nazi war criminal “Anne” accused him of being. It was a big episode for Arden knowledge, but most of it was answering questions I didn’t realize were questions or handling stuff the audience already knew. If there’s one thing this show should know by now, it’s that James Cromwell cannot survive on overripe monologues alone. He needs some horrendously silly back-and-forth with the other characters to really sink his teeth into. We didn’t get much of that here, and I’ll count that as a missed opportunity.

    • Agreed! When FX advertised the episode they made it seem like we would learn how Bloody Face became Bloody Face. We didn’t. In fact, it wasn’t until later episodes when we really began to see how this killer was created. As for the season thus far, we have learned more about Arden. Now that he’s been confirmed as a Nazi war criminal, I hope we will move away from his backstory, and on to what is happening at the asylum. I want to know how Thredson got caught, what the aliens are after, and how Sister Eunice will be saved (if at all).

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  3. What prompted Thredson to go to Briarcliff in the first place to gain Lana’s trust? Why take her out? Does he really want her to tell his story? I certainly think not. Things with Thredson change beat by beat. His relationship with Lana is unlike any relationship he’s had with anyone he’s killed before. Lana threatens all of his notions about how he does and why he does what he does. It’s very confusing for him. That becomes clear over the next few episodes.

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