ICYMI: Arrow Episode (1×09) – “Year’s End” Review

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Now that Oliver Queen has parted way with his lady friend, Helena Bertinelli, he’s kicked his crime fighting into high gear. On this week’s episode of Arrow a copycat archer has arrived in Starling City. While this new vigilante is taking out people on The List, Oliver sets out to bring the holiday spirit back into the Queen household.

Arrow’s John Barrowman Teases Possible Showdowns to Come

“There were no holidays on the island. Every day was just “How do I stay alive?”

While Diggle and Oliver train, they discuss how Oliver has handled things since Helena left town. Not good. For Oliver at least, who has thrown himself into his job. As the men talk, Oliver realizes it’s Christmastime. A fact he forgot since his family hasn’t done any type of decorating. Later, Oliver talks to Thea about the lack of Christmas spirit everyone has exhibited, and she reveals the family stopped celebrating the holidays when Oliver and their father went missing. That’s when Oliver has the idea to throw the Queen Christmas party.

 “We rob banks, and smoke crack together.”

Meanwhile, the Dark Archer is taking out members of The List, which is causing problems for the Green Arrow. Det. Lance believes the Arrow is innocent, but doesn’t hand over information to the Arrow until he’s removed from the case. Lance isn’t the only one interested in the new kid in town. Malcolm Merlyn and Moira seem very perturbed that this pretender is shining a bright light on things they’d rather stayed hidden. (More…)


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0 responses to “ICYMI: Arrow Episode (1×09) – “Year’s End” Review

  1. We’re ready to call it now after eight episodes : “Arrow” is the strongest show on The CW, and we’re not just talking about the action sequences. While it does not necessarily follow the letter of the law for the DC Comics series, it does seem to obey the letter of the spirit. It feels faithful even when it is not, and it consistently feels like you watching a good summer movie every week.

    • YES! Before the series premiered I was worried it would be hokey, but I fell in love with it in the very first episode. I love how much darker it is than Smallville, and the show seems to get better and better with each episode. Can’t wait to see what happens in the second half of the season.

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