ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×07) Review: “When the Dead Come Knocking”

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Last week episode of The Walking DeadRick dealt with his grief, faced his fears, and came out on the other side ready to rejoin the rest of the survivors. The Governor and Andrea grew closer as they gave into their desires for one another, and Andrea decided to stay with him in Woodbury. Merle gave chase after Michonne, and wound up stumbling across Glenn and Maggie whom he commandeered for information about his brother. Daryl and Glen spend quality time together while they looked for Carol’s body, and attempted to clear more of the prison. An injured Michonne made her way to the prison gates.

AMC Talks to the Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker About Merle’s Return

Glenn is being held captive by Merle who wants to question him about their whereabouts since he last saw them. Merle is still pissed about being left for dead, and doesn’t even blink when he learns of T-Dog’s death. Maggie can hear them talking in the other room, and worries for Glenn’s safety when Merle begins to beat him for information about Daryl.

“What you did? Leaving me on that rooftop in Atlanta? No one would do that to an animal.”

After nearly beating Glenn to death, Merle brings a Walker in to intimidate him. When Glenn continues to evade Merle’s questions about the gang’s location, Merle sets the Walker loose. Reminding viewers how bad-ass he truly is, Glenn takes on the Walker while bound to a chair, and wins! (More…)


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