The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×07) Recap – “My Brother’s Keeper”

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 Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Elena dealt with a horrible murder hangover.
  • Stefan discovered he isn’t Batman. 
  • Caroline made a deal with the devil.
  • Matt began his new career as the local Mystic Falls P.I.
  • Prof. Shane showed he can always be even more creepy.
  • Jeremy added to his tattoo.
  • Hybrids are friends, too.
  • Stefan and Elena broke up for the millionth time.

What we learned:

  • Katherine is awesome no matter what form she takes.
  • Vampires hate to swim.

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Miss Mystic Falls dance, and though we don’t flash back to season 1’s, the echoes reverberate through the entire episode. Now that Stefan and Elena are done (for now) the two try to move forward with their lives. Stefan works on a plan to “cure” Elena of her vampirism so he can get his girlfriend back, while Elena grapples with her increased feelings towards Damon. The man in the middle of all this, Damon, has no clue what has transpired until his baby bro blames him for the entire thing.

The entire episode we watch as Stefan carries out his plan to complete Jeremy’s hunter’s map. He begins by killing a prisoner at the hospital, turning him into a vampire, and forcing Jeremy to kill him. What Stefan didn’t count on was the more the newbie hunter kills, the more of his humanity he loses. This is something Stefan learns after Jeremy almost murders his sister. The very person Stefan hopes to “save.” (More…)


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0 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×07) Recap – “My Brother’s Keeper”

  1. you got it all wrong its not ‘ its always going be stefan’ its ‘I cant think about always only right now’..Stefan is her right now..not her always LOL The only problem with getting another Andy or Rose <—-they were merly distratctions while Damon did ‘love’ Rose he was not ‘in love with her’ they both knew he was in love with Elena. Being a Delena fan you should know by now there is only one way Damon will be truly happy and that is with Elena the 4×04 hug reinforces that.

    • I agree with you. I never believed Damon was in love with Rose or Andy. Rose was someone he loved as a friend, and their relationship was mutually beneficial. Andy was just a distraction he used, but I believe he came to care for her in the end. Just not in the same way he cared for Elena. Remember, they had broken up, but by the time the season3 premiere came around, they were back together, and I don’t believe Damon was compelling her any longer. Damon is in love with Elena. From what we’ve seen of how he loves (Katherine = 164 yrs.), it’s doubtful he’ll get over Elena any time soon if things don’t work out. He is a tragic character.

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