The Walking Dead Episode (3×04) Review: “Killer Within”

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In last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking DeadAndrea and Michonne’s curiosity over a downed helicopter led them right into the hands of the Governor. Merle Dixon rose from the dead, and gained a unique prosthesis. No news on our favorite prison gang, but from the way the Governor has a penchant for killing innocent people, the girls are in major trouble.

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An unseen prisoner leaves bloody treats for the Walkers, while breaking open the doors, and gates to the prison. Looks like someone isn’t a fan of Rick & co., but who could it be? Someone we’ve already seen, or someone new? Later, Rick, Daryl, Carol, and T-Dog try to solve the mystery of the prison elf, and resecure their hideaway. They even get the opportunity to poke fun at Maggie and Glen who have been shagging in the guard tower since last night.

“Our deal in non-negotiable. You either live in your cell block, or you leave.”

The remaining prisoners get rounded up, and questioned. They deny they’re the ones breaking open the gates, and leaving “presents,” but they do cop to failing to burn the deceased. Thanks to the mystery person, they can’t get too far outside their cell block before a Walker charges them, and the bodies they carry. The men beg to join their crew, but Rick and the others aren’t having it. Still, the crew decides to discuss it. In the end, they opt to refuse the men’s request. (More…)


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