The Walking Dead Episode (3×05) Review: “Say the Word”

Posted December 2, 2012 by @Angelized_1st in Entertainment, Television, Walking Dead / 0 Comments

On the last episode of The Walking Dead two of the survivors died. T-Dog sacrificed himself to save Carol since he had already been bitten. Lori sacrificed herself for her baby. Now that two of the survivors are down, how will the gang cope? In Woodbury, Michonne plans her and Andrea’s escape, while Andrea gets seduced by the Governor. Ignoring all the warning signs, she falls for his sob story.

Talking Dead Bonus Segment: The Walking Dead Episode (3×04) – “Killer Within”

In the town of Woodbury, the residents have a block party. Andrea seems really at home as she chats up Milton. Michonne looks on disapprovingly.

“Today we celebrate how far we’ve come, we remember all those we lost, we raise a glass to us.”

The Governor combs his daughter’s hair. His zombie daughter. I wondered what had happened to her when he told Andrea his backstory last week. When he accidentally scalps her, she goes bezerk, but he’s able to subdue her. Once she’s calm, the governor notices Michonne looking up at his window. Did she see? (More…)


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