“You’re a monster, Elena. You deserve to die.”: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×06) Review – “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Connor turned the Mystic Grill into the OK Corral.
  • Stefan played everyone dirty for a good cause.
  • Elena climbed on Damon like he was a stallion. 
  • Matt moonlighted as MacGuyver.
  • April’s noggin is made of swiss cheese. 
  • Vampire Elena finally acting like the bad-ass vamp she’s supposed to be.
  • Caroline showed her claws to Tyler and Hayley.
  • Klaus dug for buried treasure. 
  • Jeremy is the new hunter in town.

Last week, Elena killed Connor. What she (and everyone who isn’t Klaus) didn’t realize was that doing so would make her go insane. The gang spent the entire episode trying to save Elena, of course, and I’m not sure everyone is happy with the results.

In order to save Elena, Jeremy had to behead one of Tyler’s friends, thus activating his hunter’s mark. I love that Steven R. McQueen finally has something decent to play on the show, and can’t wait to see both him and Kat Graham take on larger roles this season in the central storyline. What stood out the most about Jeremy’s arc wasn’t the funny line about being willing to stake Damon if handed a stake, but Caroline’s reaction to Chris’ death.

For the longest time I’ve noticed how the Scoobies don’t seem all that affected by the deaths of non-Scoobies. Caroline felt Chris’ death was justified because it allowed Jeremy to save Elena from madness. What was sad about this thought was how Caroline said it to Tyler. Someone who was actually mourning the death of his friend. Not saintly Elena, but Chris the hybrid. I loved how the writers had Tyler point this fact out to Caroline in the “He’s not a friend.”/”He’s my friend.” exchange between the couple. Not everything revolves around Elena. At least it shouldn’t. (More…)


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