Deception Episode (1×01) Review – “Pilot”

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NBC’s newest mystery drama Deception (previously titled Infamous) centers around the mysterious death of troubled socialite Vivian Bowers, who appears to have died from a drug overdose. The authorities, however, believe there was foul play involved. That’s where Det. Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) comes in.

Deception Episode (1×02) Promo – “Nothing’s Free, Little Girl”

Joanna grew up with the Bowers since her mother worked as their maid. While growing up, Vivian and Joanna were the best of friends, until a misunderstanding drove them apart. Due to her past relationship with the family, the FBI asks Joanna if she would go undercover to investigate her best friend’s possible murder. Of course Joanna does, and this is where things get interesting.

“It’s hard to be a guest in someone else’s house.”

Though Vivian’s father Robert Bowers (Victor Garber) welcomes Joanna back into the fold with open arms, the rest of the Bowers family isn’t so welcoming. Vivian’s step-mother Sophia (Katherine LaNasa) is pretty indifferent, Vivian’s older brother Edward (Tate Donovan) is suspicious, and Vivian’s kid sister Mia (Ella Rae Peck) seems annoyed. Aside from Robert, the only one remotely nice to Joanna is Vivian’s other brother (and Joanna’s ex-boyfriend) Julian (Wes Brown). In the short time Joanna re-acquaints herself with the Bowers she discovers everyone in the family has something to hide. Complicating matters is a young tabloid reporter, Remy Colville, who is snooping around the Bower family, and Joanna’s ex-partner Wil Moreno (Laz Alonso). (more…)


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