ICYMI: American Horror Story Episode (2×12) Review – “Continuum”

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When I learned the episode title for episode 212 would be titled, “Continuum,” I was perplexed. Maybe it’s because the SyFy channel just came out with their own series this week with the same name. Then I thought about the definition of the word. The main definition doesn’t quite make sense in regards to American Horror Story, but it does when it’s attributed to time. This series, with its zigzagging narrative does allow the audience to experience events as the pass from the future through the present and into the past. Often times the viewer is left confused by the experience, but once the whole picture is laid out everything does end up making sense. As they say, “Hindsight is 20/20.” This is especially true when we’re looking into the craziness that is American Horror Story: Asylum.

American Horror Story Episode (2×13) Promo – “Madness Ends”

American Horror Story 3x12 - KitIn last week’s recap for “Spilt Milk” I said, “Instead of being excited for the next two episodes, I feel kind of scared the series will ruin what has been an otherwise compelling season.” This week I had to eat my words. While last week’s episode felt rushed, this episode slowed the pace down considerably. As last week’s episode focused on Lana’s life outside the asylum, and her son’s life in the present as he began to realize that he needed closure with Lana, this week gave Kit the same treatment. (More…)


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