ICYMI: Arrow Episode (1×10) – “Burned” Review

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Previously on Arrow, Oliver decided to take some time off to enjoy the holidays with his family. What he didn’t know was that they hadn’t celebrated Christmas for the past 5 years, and not everyone was happy about Oliver’s plan to ring in the new year with a big party at the Queen estate. Just because Oliver decided to take some time up, didn’t mean everyone was. A Dark Archer arrived in town, and decided to pick up the slack. After Oliver faced his rival, he ended up getting his butt handed to him. I have a feeling that if he knew his rival was none other than Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver’s best friend Tommy’s father, Oliver would feel even more depressed.

Arrow Episode (1×11) Promo – “Trust But Verify”

BurnedOn episode 110, “Burned,” Oliver is feeling somewhat defeated after his run in with the Dark Archer, and decides to hang up the hood for a while. That all changes when Laurel Lance calls up the Arrow for help. Laurel’s friend Jo suspects her firefighter brother, Danny, was murdered while on duty. Jo’s suspicions are warranted. After her brother was called to the site of a fire, Danny was doused and intentionally set aflame by an unknown assailant dressed as a firefighter. (More…)


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