ICYMI: Deception Episode (1×02) Review – “Nothing’s Free Little Girl”

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On this week’s episode of Deception, Joanna continued to investigate Vivian Bower’s death. In this episode, Joanna went to work for Bower Pharmaceuticals at Robert’s suggestion, but her new position wasn’t well received by Edward. I can understand why Edward would be leery. His sister just died, and someone has implanted themselves in  the midst of his family. Considering how much the Bowers live their life in the public eye, I’m sure they’ve seen their share of interlopers who want to use them for their 15 minutes of fame, or swindle them for money. However, Joanna grew up in the Bower home. I wonder if there is another reason for Edward’s anti-Joanna stance.

Deception – TV’s Newest Guilty Pleasure

“I know what people say about me, but I have earned everything I have.”

Deception - Season 1There is trouble in the Bowers’ marriage. Sofia gets a visit from Robert’s disgruntled ex-assistant, Hannah. When Robert hired Joanna as his assistant, he promoted his current one, who just so happened to be his ex-mistress. Robert’s ex-honey didn’t like her new job. She thought after 2 years of sleeping with the boss she’d get a corner office. When Hannah discovered she was wrong, she decides to tell all to Sofia who didn’t even flinch. At least not in front of the homewrecker. Later, Sofia confronted Robert about his indiscretions. (more…)


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