ICYMI: Deception Episode (1×03) Review – “A Drop of Blood and a Microscope”

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Joanna continued her investigation into Vivian Bowers’ murder, but found herself getting drawn into old habits. When Julian whisked Joanna away to the Bahamas for a business trip, the childhood sweethearts realized that their attraction towards one another still exists. Back on the mainland, Joanna saw evidence that Julian may have in fact murdered his sister. In the photo Mia showed Joanna, Julian is wearing a ring that matches the bruise on Vivian’s cheek. We actually saw through a flashback that Julian slapped his sister the night she died. In fact, he’s the mystery man she met with in the scene from the “Pilot”. Like Joanna we’re left wondering, “Did Julian do it?”

Deception Episode (1×04) Promo – “One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three”

Deception - Season 1On a show titled, Deception, motives aren’t always clear, and suspects are many. While Julian is hiding the fact that he was the last one to see Vivian alive before she was murdered, Joanna is lying to Will about the extent of her relationship with the Bowers. As of now, Julian only knows Joanna grew up in the Bowers’ home, and was best friends with Vivian. He’s completely in the dark about Joanna and Julian’s past relationship. Even more so that the reason Joanna slept with him after her Bahamas trip was to prove something to herself – Despite her residual feelings towards Julian, she’s perfectly capable of handing him over for his sister’s murder. Joanna has done some questionable things since the investigation began, but using Will in this way was probably the worst. (More…)


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