ICYMI: Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×16) Review – “Misery Loves Company”

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Previously on Pretty Little Liars, the girls each dealt with their own problems. Aria wondered if her father might have murdered Ali when he started behaving strangely. From stealing Alison’s journal pages, to making snide comments about her friends, Byron was acting all sorts of crazy. What’s even stranger? Aria found an ally in her dad’s lady-friend Meredith. Hannah tried to find out more about Lucas’ connection to Mona and the “A-Team,” while Emily got stranded with Paige in the woods after someone slashed Paige’s tire. As the other Liars dealt with problems closer to home, Spencer took on Mona as the two brainiacs battled for captain of the scholastic team.

Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×17) Promo & Synopsis – “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno”

TROIAN BELLISARIOIn “Misery Loves Company,” each of the girls wind up miserable. Aria is fighting a cold, and only has Meredith to look after her. Too bad her new teacher is drugging her so she can steal Ali’s diary pages. Spencer is pretending to attend her father’s business dinner, when in reality she’s planning her and Toby’s anniversary dinner. Hannah was made to believe she had been offered a job interview with one of her favorite fashion designers, but received a threat from “A” instead. Emily tries to make up what happened to Paige last week, but ends up following Caleb for Hannah. All of these things started off as minor occurrences in the girls’ day, but things quickly began to go south. (More…)


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