Deception Episode (1×04) Review – “One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three”

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Last night’s episode of Deception showed some growth, but it’s still not where it needs to be. “One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three” dealt mainly with the ramifications of Joanna living a double-life. In one life she’s a police detective searching for her childhood best friend’s murderer, and carrying on a romantic relationship with her FBI handler. In the other, she’s little Joanna who grew up in the Bower home, spending time with the people who are kind of like family, and rekindling a romance with her ex-boyfriend. Both of these lives have finally collided.

Deception Episode (1×05) Promo – “Why Wait?”

Deception - Season 1In the previous episode Joanna was left believing her ex Julian may have murdered his sister Vivian. Sad, and disappointed Joanna told her suspicions to Will after she used him for sex. Spending time with Julian had touched something in Joanna, and she was beginning to remember why she fell for him as a teenager. It’s obvious the feelings they had for each other haven’t gone away, and when Joanna thought it was possible Julian may have committed a horrible crime, she was crushed. This prompted the new investigation into Julian as a suspect. (More…)


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