Deception Episode (1×05) Review – “Why Wait?”

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Joanna may be in the dog house with both Will and Julian, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of the investigation. This week on Deception Joanna looked for the evidence Ben and Vivian were trying to get their hands on before Vivian died. As Joanna tried to find evidence to back up Ben’s theory on Vivian’s murder, Mia prepared for her debutante ball.

Deception Episode (1×06) Promo – “Don’t Be A Dummy”

Deception 1x05 - Why Wait 3The main focus of “Why Wait” was the unveiling of Mia’s birth mother. For 16 years Mia has been raised to believe Robert and Sofia Bowers are her parents. All of that came to an end, when Mia learned her “sister” Vivian was indeed her birth mother. It was a shame, too, since this was also the episode we got a chance to truly watch Sofia and Mia interact. Since I knew going in from the episode promo that Mia would learn the truth, I watch the scenes between the two very closely. As Sofia gave Mia her grandmother’s pearls to wear to the ball, I just knew Mia would end up ripping them off before the night was over. Seeing how much Sofia really loves her “daughter” was really touching. Mia may not be born from Sofia, but she’s her child nonetheless. (More…)


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