ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×13) Review – “Into the Wild”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Elena instituted her plan to kill Kol, and succeeded.
  • Bonnie embraced the Dark Side.
  • Klaus babysat Damon in the Salvatore Dungeon of Doom.
  • Rudy Hopkins (Bonnie’s Dad) put vervain in the water system.
  • Stefan and Rebekah Danced on the Ceiling at the 80’s Dance.

Like the musical, “Into the Woods,” the Scooby Gang all head to Mystery Island with their own agendas. Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena are there in search of the cure for vampirism. Each hoping to return to a simpler life, and be “normal” once again. Damon is there our of a promise he made to Stefan, and to help fulfill his lady’s desire. (Plus, he also doesn’t trust Shane.) Bonnie, on the other hand, is there because she does trust Shane, and like Jeremy also wants to help her friends. Shane claims he’s there to raise Silas so he can get his wife back. All of them are there to achieve the same goal, but their various motives put them at cross purposes.

At first Elena and Rebekah are at each other’s throats. Elena understandably dislikes Rebekah for ending her human life, and Rebekah dislikes Elena for murdering two of her brothers. A fact Bex is sure to point out to Stefan when he tries to get Rebekah to cut Elena some slack. The gang treats Rebekah like a villain, but she hasn’t done anything they haven’t done before. Killing Elena was an attempt to save her brother’s life. She didn’t do it because she hates Elena. Bex just wanted to protect the people she loves. Isn’t that what Elena just did last week when she killed Kol? (More…)


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