Arrow Episode (1×15) Review – “The Dodger”

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In this week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver has finished convalescing from his bullet wound, and is ready to get back to work. While Oliver seems to have shrugged off what happened between The Hood and Moira, Moira hasn’t in the least. Getting a visit from the Starling City Vigilante has shaken Moira to the core. Not just the shooting, but the fact her dealings with the other people on The List nearly orphaned her children. As Oliver and Moira tried to get their lives back to some state of normalcy, Thea has come to love her community service working with Laurel. In “The Dodger,” the Queen family all had run-ins with the Starling City underworld, but each handled things very differently.

Arrow Episode (1×16) Promo & Synopsis – “Dead to Rights”

“Next time, don’t believe every sob story a guy like me tells the police.”

DodgerThea had a brush in this week with arguably the youngest criminal we’ve seen thus far on Arrow when her purse was stolen by a local petty thief named Roy William Harper, Jr. Though young, Roy has quite the resume on him already thanks to being the son of another local criminal. Besides petty theft, Roy has a record of breaking & entering, and car theft. “The Dodger” marks the debut of guest star Coltan Haynes, who really shined in the interrogation room scene. For a moment I actually believed his sob story was real, and then I remembered what show I was watching. Though Thea was suckered into dropping the charges against Roy, I have a feeling these two haven’t seen the last of each other. When Thea paid Roy a visit to retrieve her stolen purse, sparks were definitely flying. I hope this ends up turning into a major story for Willa Holland, because I really enjoy her scenes. Thea could easily be a spoiled, rich brat, but Holland somehow manages to make Thea relatable. (More…)


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