Arrow Episode (1×16) Review – “Dead to Rights”

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Arrow Cast

“Dead to Rights” was everything an episode on a show about a superhero should be. There were huge fight scenes, jaw-dropping reveals, and events that have changed the dynamics between characters. Some changes may be for the good, but others might have irrevocably altered relationships forever.

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Dead to Rights

What’s the 411?

While we learned more about Oliver’s past via flashback scenes, Tommy Merlyn is the one who arguable learned the most this week. Not only did Tommy discover that his best friend and the Starling City vigilante are one in the same, but he also learned his father isn’t who he thought he was. Besides being a bureaucrat who abandoned his son for 2 years after his wife’s death, Malcolm is also a trained killer. And he’s not the only one. Both of the most important men in Tommy’s life are hiding some major secrets, and Tommy is privy to both. The information Tommy has acquired puts him in a powerful position as it’s information a lot of people would kill for. (More…)


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