Being Human Episode (3×08 ) Review – “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland”

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Being Human US Season 3 Cast

In episode 308 of Being Human, Sally, Josh, and Aidan all struggled with major changes to their bodies by episodes end. Sally is decomposing, Josh got scratched by Liam, and Aidan was purposely injected with tainted blood. While Josh has just lost his humanity again, Sally and Aidan grapple with the possibility that their lives may soon be at an end.

Being Human Episode (3×09) Promo – “Of Mice and Wolfmen”

Being Human - Season 3Sometimes I find it difficult to figure out how much time passes on this series in a season, but I love how Nora was still grieving Erin. Many shows out there like to move so fast that deaths seem to have little to no impact on the characters (or audience). The fact that Nora wasn’t so willing to make amends with Aidan was also a plus as it fit with her character. Besides that vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies, this is a guy who hurt someone she cares about, and now is trying to date one of her closest friends. I would image that would be difficult to deal with. Another great thing about this episode is how Josh was willing to stick by Aidan despite Nora’s feelings. Aidan and Josh’s friendship is one of the best parts of the series, and Josh’s conflicting feelings about being caught in the middle between Aidan and Nora was very relatable. Who hasn’t been friends with someone their significant other wasn’t particularly fond of at one time or another? (More…)


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