Cult Episode (1×01) Review – “You’re Next”

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After actor Matt Davis left the popular CW show, The Vampire Diaries, his fans have been eagerly anticipating his new show. Cult is a very complicated concept that true fans of science fiction/thriller will love, but may alienate some of Davis’ hardcore fans due to its convoluted storyline.

Cult Episode (1×03) Synopsis – “Being Billy”

PilotThe series is very meta in its concept. It’s about a man named Jeff Sefton (Davis) whose little brother comes to him with a theory he’s being followed by fans of a hit CW television show, “Cult.” At first Jeff blows his brother Nate off since the younger sibling has a history of drug abuse, but when Nate goes missing and leaves his apartment covered in blood, Jeff begins to investigate what happened to him. The show Nate was obsessed with is about a cult leader named Billy Grimm (Robert Knepper) whose followers are involved with kidnappings and murder. A former follower turned police detective (Alona Tal), Kelly, is hounding Grimm in search of her missing sister Meadow and nephew who have gone missing. Jeff is being helped in his investigation by a production assistant named Skye (Jessica Lucas), who also has lost someone close to her. (More…)


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