Cult Episode (1×02) Review – “In the Blood”

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Cult Season 1 Seeing is Deceiving

The 2nd episode of the CW’s newest series, Cult, is much improved from last week’s premiere episode. However it may be too late to save this series now that it has been banished to Friday night’s. “In the Blood” focused on the inner workings of Billy Grimm’s cult, which allowed us to learn more information about Kelly’s past. We also learned more about Skye’s motives, and got a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how “Cult” is made.

Cult’s Marie Avgeropoulos Cast in New CW Pilot

In the BloodWhat I liked most about this episode was the way the show seamlessly flipped flopped back and forth between the show within the show and the “real” world. Unlike the pilot which made it obvious which show you were watching, I felt this subtle change was a better fit for what the series is trying to do – make the audience wonder which show they’re really watching. As much as I want to care about what happened to Nate Sefton, I have to admit I’m more interested in the “Cult,” than I am in Jeff and Sky’s investigation. (More…)


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