Deception Episode (1×08) Review – “Stay With Me”

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Deception Season 1

Last night’s episode of Deception finally delivered the episode I’ve been waiting for. Not to say the series isn’t still without its problems, it is, but last night the series showed they’re capable of delivering the kind of suspense a show like this should have.

Deception Episode (1×08) Promo & Synopsis – “Stay with Me”

Take at Your Own Risk

Deception 1x08 - Stay with Me 2In “Stay with Me,” the Bowers dealt with Edward’s confession about their newest wonder drug, Lyritrol. While Robert was livid, Julian was greatly disappointed that something he created was responsible for hundreds of deaths. Both brothers are looking at this from varying perspectives. Edward was in on the investigation with Vivian and Ben from the start, so when they ended up dead he knew it may be a matter of time before he was next. His biggest suspect is his father Robert who had the most to lose if it was discovered that this drug was dangerous. Julian, however, didn’t find out about the drug until Edward talked to him about it the night before. Julian believed at the time that Edward was just drunk and/or jealous at his success, so Julian discounted Edward’s claims. Once Edward went public, Julian had to face the facts that his brother was telling the truth. More importantly, Julian now knows why his sister may have been murdered. This reveal to the characters was important because if the murderer didn’t know of Edward’s involvement in Vivian’s plan to reveal the truth about Lyritrol, they do now. More importantly, by coming public Edward has potentially removed the target off his back. For now. (More…)


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