Deception Episode (1×09) Review – “Good Luck with Your Death”

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Deception Season 1

In “Good Luck with Your Death,”  the hunt for Vivian Bower’s killer hit close to home as Robert Bowers seemed more like a viable suspect. Deception took a while to get started but these last couple episodes have been right on track for a suspense yarn. While Robert gave threats, Edward seemed to see them everywhere, but luckily they all weren’t in his head. Edward catching Audrey in a lie helped save his brother from a big mistake, and also managed to bring out Joanna’s Jealousy. As the Bowers all scrambled to cover their hides, Joanna feared getting outed (again) by a surprise visiter.

“Good Luck with Your Death”: Deception Episode (1×09) – MVA Revealed

Deception - Season 1

These Are the Days of Our Lives

All of the main storylines seem to come to a head this week. Now that Mia knows the truth about her biological father’s interest in her she was able to decide whether or not she wanted to help him. At first, Mia had decided to give Haverstock her bone marrow, but once Kyle confessed manipulating Mia for Haverstock the youngest Bowers had a change of heart. It was time for the truth about Kyle to come out, and it was a good thing the show didn’t drag that out any longer.  Up until now, Haverstock has come off as a bad guy, but this week we got to see another side of him. Now that he’s given away all of his leverage, Haverstock only has Mia’s good heart to fall back on. If he can’t get her to change her mind, it’s all over for him. (More…)


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