Deception Episode (1×10) Review – “You’re the Bad Guy”

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Deception Season 1

NBC’s Deception hasn’t been the most even keeled new series, but the last few episodes have been what the show originally promised. “You’re the Bad Guy” gave us what is supposed to be Vivian Bower’s killer, but considering there’s still one episode left it’s highly doubtful that it’s Audrey. Based on the bracelet Joanna found in the Bower’s wine cellar, whoever killed Vivian did it in her own home, which suggests the killer is probably a member of her family. With Edward and Julian supposedly in the clear, that just leaves Robert, Sofia, or dare I say Mia as Vivian’s murderer. For weeks Robert Bowers has been made to look guilty of his daughter’s murder, but that usually means he’s innocent, right? If so, the killer is someone we haven’t considered.

Deception Episode (1×11) Promo – “I’ll Start with the Hillbilly”

Deception - Season 1That’s the way Julian Bowers felt when he learned his brother Edward has worked with the FBI to solve their sister’s murder. Fresh off his high of making love all night long to Joanna, Julian came crashing down when it appeared the other woman he had recently been sleeping with, Audrey, may be responsible for several murders as well as faking the bad test results for Lyrtriol. Between flirting with Joanna, receiving snide comments from Will, and getting stabbed by Audrey, Julian Bowers really went through the wringer. Now that he believes his sister’s death has been revenged, Julian thinks he’ll be able to snuggle up with Joanna, but with the real killer still out there, and Joanna’s secret, chances are Julian will realize he was just wistfully dreaming. (More…)


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